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Dynamics AX Maintenance: Re-indexing

Imparted from MS Dynamics AX 2009 Administration BOOK.

As tables increase in size, the time to traverse the data also increases. In a properly indexed table, the performance impact is proportional to the amount of
data. However, if a table is not indexed or has not been indexed for some time, performance can be significantly hampered. Now we will cover the process of
re-indexing tables in Dynamics AX:
1. In Dynamics AX, go to Administration | Periodic | SQL Administration |

2. Select a table in the All tables node or an index in the All indexes node to re-index. If you want to re-index all tables, then select the All tables node.
If you want to re-index all indexes, then select the All indexes node. When selected, click on the button Index actions | Reindex.

Re-indexing every table or index in Dynamics AX can take a while and consumes a lot of processing resources, thus making a system incapable of performing normal
business tasks. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform this during off peak hours. It is also beneficial to routinely re-index tables throughout the year or
whenever table record counts significantly increase. This will help to ensure that Dynamics AX will operate at its best performance, especially when retrieving and
viewing records.


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