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Monthly Archives: November 2014

12 Ways to Improve Your Productivity at Work



Between constant meetings, phone calls and emails, staying productive at work can be a challenge. However, the odds of staying productive can be greatly improved by taking some simple steps in order to stay efficient.

Here are 12 tips from the team to help you to make the most of your time at work:

1. Don’t let emails take over your day

We are all so accustomed to email that as soon as we see a new email in our inbox we instinctively click it on, focus on the content of the email, and respond. These seemingly tiny activities during the day can quickly add up to large amounts of time that not only cause your day to slip away, but also distract you from completing your current task.

If replying to or disposing of an e-mail takes less than two minutes, do it right away. Send less to receive less: Keep your e-mails short, and write fewer of them. Here are some tips from the career experts at to help you control your work emails.

2. Eliminate unnecessary meetings

Face-to-face communication is essential (email is fraught with misinterpretation), but be ruthless about protecting your time. Avoid every meeting that isn’t truly necessary.

3. Learn how to say ‘no’

While everyone wants to be a good team player at work, saying ‘no’ is sometimes the right thing to do. If you are not the best person for a task, or if you have other pending deadlines, it is OK to turn down a work request.  read more