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Common Keys Steps for The Planning integration process Between AX and Other Applications

1. In a typical integration scenario, users who have business expertise first determine the document exchange needs. These are requirements from a business perspective. The business users work with the Implementation team to specify:
a. What data is to be exchanged.
b. Any business logic related to that data.
c. The external systems with which data is to be exchanged.
d. The conditions under which data is sent from or received by Microsoft Dynamics AX.

2. The partner or system implementer works with the customer and their IT staff to determine the hardware and software requirements for AIF. They analyze the existing environment and recommend any new hardware or software that must be installed.

3. The customer’s IT staff installs and configures any required hardware and software to support AIF.

4. The partner or customer developer programs the document exchange. They can make customizations to the AIF documents or create new documents to meet the requirements of the business users. How AIF is configured depends in part on the network environment. Therefore, the developer may work with IT staff when implementing an integration scenario.

5. IT staff monitors the document exchanges and troubleshoot any errors that are generated.