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Create and Post inventory journal by code : Dynamics AX

How to create and post inventory journal using X++ by create inventjournalTable and adding inventJournalTrans, you can use the below code to import data from another system during integration between AX and others application with adding some to fetch data from, which it may be from Excel file or connect to any data base, and you can find in the blog another posts related to read from Excel file and how to connect to DB using X++.

        InventJournalTable              inventJournalTable;
        InventJournalTrans              inventJournalTrans;

        InventJournalNameId             inventJournalName;
        InventDim                            inventDim;
        JournalCheckPost               journalCheckPost;

//Below code creates journal header       


        inventJournalName =  InventJournalName::standardJournalName(InventJournalType::Movement);
        inventJournalTable.initFromInventJournalName(InventJournalName::find(inventJournalName ));



//Below code creates journal lines



        inventJournalTrans.TransDate = systemDateGet();

        inventJournalTrans.ItemId = “MDJ0001”;


        inventJournalTrans.Qty = 2500;

        inventDim.InventSiteId  = ’12’;

        inventDim.InventLocationId = ‘1201’;

        inventDim.wMSLocationId = ‘BULK-001’;

        inventJournalTrans.InventDimId = inventDim::findOrCreate(inventDim).inventDimId;



//The below code posts the journal
        journalCheckPost = InventJournalCheckPost::newPostJournal(inventJournalTable);;